Nuisance Behavior

Disturbing Gardens


The Coleus Canina plant, a weed originating in Europe, is known as the "Scardy-Cat" or "Pee-off" plant because it emits an odor offensive to cats but can’t be smelled by humans.  Plant them about 3 feet apart around the area you want protected.  A google search will direct you to dealer where these plants can be purchased

For protecting gardens or flower beds, common household items may be effective, including planting or sprinkling herb rue.    Orange and lemon peels are a deterrent.  Also citrus smells, cayenne pepper, coffee grounds, pipe tobacco, citronella oil, mustard oil and lavender oil.  Havahart dog & cat repellent has a lemon scent, lasts 7-10 days and needs to be reapplied after rain or new growth.


Strong Urine Smells, Fighting, & Yowling

The above nuisance behaviors are easily controlled when a cat is spayed or neutered.   See TNR for more information